Welcome to S.R.Exports

S.R.Exports delivers its value-added products to mass-market consumers. The business is a sole proprietorship, located in Tuticorin a port city, India. S.R.Exports will conveniently provide its value-added products to the consumers who are short on time. we are committed to surpassing the expectations of our clients by offering the best quality products. we offer you the best that cannot be compared with any other.

Our Major Products : Coconut Shell Charcoal, Coir Pith, Safety Matches,Charcoal Briquette and Cow Manure
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Coconut Shell Charcoal Products are 

Industrial fuel, for Production of active carbon,biochar,

Charcoal briquettes & medicine to a certain ailment.

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Our Top Products



Coconut Shell Charcoal

We supply the best and natural coconut shell based charcoal in India.The coconut shell based charcoal is a derivative of the coconut shell


Safety Matches

We offer the best quality cardboard safety matches to clients. Match splint are made using superior grade raw material.


Coconutshell Charcoal Briquette

Briquette is a compressed block of combustible biomass material such as charcoal, sawdust,wood chips, peat or paper used for fuel..

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